Online Banking

Perhaps the greatest advantage of online banking? It's convenience. Yep, you can do ALL your banking from the convenience of your computer ...anytime, anywhere. Oh, and paying bills or sending money to a friend? Yes, you can do that too! Convenience can't be overrated. Can't go to your bank? Let it come to you!

Appleville Online lets you manage your money from a laptop, tablet or smartphone. There's no charge to transfer funds, and we've made it easy to set up text message and email alerts if your balance gets too low.

Appleville Online offers statements from as far back as January 2012, access to account balances and history (including pending debit card transactions) and integrated access to your Appleville Financial Visa Platinum account information.

And that's not all. Appleville Online also includes features like Online Bill Pay, which lets you save time by paying all of your bills in one location, and PopMoney, which lets you send money from your Appleville Financial account to someone else's account in as little as one business day.

Enroll in Appleville Online Visit our Help and Support Center

If you can't access the Internet but need access to your account quickly, Text Banking allows you to view your account balances and transfer funds between designated accounts by texting a simple command from your phone. All you need is a mobile device with texting capabilities.**

Ready to get started? Log in to Appleville Online and select Settings < Text Enrollment. Enable the accounts you want access to and give them four-character nicknames by clicking Settings < Account Preferences < Text. Once you're activated, text a command to 226563.

Below are the text commands you'll use to access your account information:



BAL < account nickname> Shows the requested account's balance.
HIST <account nickname> Shows the requested account's history.

XFER < account nickname1>

<account nickname 2> <amount>

Transfers funds from one account to another.

Note: Enter full amount using dollars, decimals, and cents.

Appleville Shows Appleville Financial website address and phone number.
STOP Disables text banking. To reactivate, you must log in to Appleville Online and enable text banking.
HELP Provides a list of available commands.

Call to check account balances, review account history, transfer funds between accounts and make loan payments. You'll need your Member Number and your phone banking Personal Identification Number (PIN).

If you've never used Appleville Financial Phone Banking before, call 888.336.2700 and select option #1 to get started. Use the last four digits of your Social Security number when you're prompted to enter your PIN.

Use Automated Telephone Banking

Press 1

Hear General Information

Press 2, then
Press 1 for Interest Rates or 2 for Hours of Operation

Contact Investment Services

Press 3

Discuss Loans and Payment Protection

Press 4, then
Press 1 for Mortgages
Press 2 for new Consumer Home Equity Loans
Press 3 for existing Consumer Home Equity Loans

Speak with a Member Service Agent